Your Big Box, Insurance-Driven Clinic is the Sinking Titanic: Join Us on the DPC Party Lifeboat

Direct Primary Care saves money and offers better healthcare to many patients each year.

Madison is an HMO town, so many folks cling to an overpriced Big Box clinic they’ve been told is the only way to receive healthcare.

Don’t stand on the Titanic as it sinks just because someone told you it’s your only option…pop over to DPC lifeboat party cruise. We have no waiting, hour long visits, same day appointments, 24/7 access to the same board-certified physician at all times, comfy chairs, good coffee, a holistic approach, a LGBTQ safe space, and Informed Consent HRT. All for less cost than your monthly cell phone bill.

Read how this doctor did the same thing (made it so that his patient paid $45 for xrays that would have cost $600 through the Big Box, Insurance-Driven model) with Direct Primary Care.