Working on Bodyworkers

Sharing my skills and helping other body workers

Bishop is a place that is not very familiar with Osteopathic Medicine, D.Os, or OMT. I’ve contacted many business to see if I can talk with their clients and answer any questions they have about DOs and OMT.

OMT (Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy) is a hands on technique that DOs learn from Day 1 in Med School. We use our hands to diagnose and treat issues for patients. This is for nearly every kind of pain or tension, as well many other conditions.

People who are body workers like massage therapists or physical therapists/assistants work on other people’s pain all day, but they themselves can get repetitive injuries from the way they work to help people.  One thing I can offer them is a complimentary session of OMT…this feels really good to me because these folks spend all day making OTHER folks feel better.

While I don’t expect anything in return, some folks have offered to give me a massage in exchange. My first reaction was, “Oh, no. I didn’t do OMT on you just to get a massage in exchange!” It just surprised me, and my first intention was to make it clear that I didn’t have any ulterior motive when I provided OMT. But, I should take them at their word when they said it would just be nice to learn from each other’s techiques.

A shout out to Vitality Wellness Center here in Bishop. The owner, Dawn, is fantastic as are the other staff there. I have no financial ties to them, I just believe in the value they provide to our community.