This WordPress Page and Blog

When I was dreaming and scheming of opening Serenity Osteopathic Medical Clinic in Madison with a very low overhead budget, I learned I’d need a robust website. I learned you could make cheap, nearly free ones; you could pay $2000+ for a fancy company to do it; you could find someone starting out who would do it for less. My first attempt was free and looked free. Then I paid a college student to do it and they chose WordPress. They also wanted it to be hosted on Bluehost. This meant little to me since I wasn’t familiar with ways to build and host websites.

Turns out WordPress can be easy or difficult. And I needed a person to help with my website that valued mutually agreed upon deadlines and who responded to emails, calls, and texts so we parted ways after I had already parted with a significant amount of money. They used a scheme that isn’t familiar to any WordPress experts I’ve met. I’ve paid for and attended WordPress Bootcamps…none of it helps because the normal rules don’t apply to the way this website was created.

It’s clunky. It only likes being edited on a desktop computer. Who sits down infront of their desktop when they can update most of their life from their mobile phone? I’ve paid for the website and the cost to keep it online for a few years. I’d love for it to be an amazing, fast way of communication what is happening since I closed Serenity Osteopathic and moved to California. My goal is to open my own independent clinic in California one day, and the big picture is unfolding daily. I’d love to keep folks informed. But it’s faster and easier to add photos and captions to my Instagram account and Facebook page. I love creating and posting short, fun, free videos. But this blog doesn’t easily convert to a vlog. I created a YouTube channel but some things really aren’t clear to me so I haven’t uploaded any videos. FB video isn’t entirely clear; I tried making a profile that says I’m a Video Creator because apparently that would share my videos with more people, however the profile isn’t linking up with anything I’ve done so far and wants to erase all my content up until now, so I haven’t activated that video profile yet. FB hasn’t responded to my requests for help clarifying what to do.

Rather thsn talking about all the things that aren’t working out the way they are supposed to, I’d rather talk about what is working. I’m going to keep trying to blog from my phone. Mobile posts have failed to load in the past, so I’ll keep practicing. My videos load to my FB professional page, and very short videos have partially loaded on Instagram.

In other news about other things that work that I’m grateful for: all my arms and legs work. I still have my wits about me. I’m getting stronger since starting to lift weights. My horse and my cat are in great health. I’ve met really great people in this small town. I’ve reached out, and by just being myself, I’ve landed employment at a facility that seems more inline with my personal beliefs and goals than just about any other place I’ve worked. I’m employing integrity and it’s attracting good experiences and people. Another bonus to employing integrity is it also works as a repellant to people who don’t respect you, what you stand for, the value you want to bring to your community and the world. There’s a Malcom X quote about detractors and success. Like my mentor, Gary Vaynerchuk, I gain insights when people react negatively. It usually means I’ve developed and am maintaining healthy boundaries, and this can be infuriating to people that don’t respect the boundaries of others.

Fingers crossed that this post from my mobile phone, rather than my desktop computer, loads properly.


Have a great Sunday, folks.