In Other WordPress Blog News, Related to the Last Post

I just spent 10 minutes updating the information on my About section of my website on my phone.

It was cumbersome; you’d try to scroll but it would scroll a screen behind where you are. You could put your cursor at a certain place, but it wouldn’t backspace and delete that word. Oh, no. It would start backspacing and deleting a word at some other mystery location in the text box. Finally, I previewed it, and told it to save and update. Did it update anything? No. No it didn’t. So I’ve literally dusted off my laptop in order to update the About section.

Updating this website is really unpleasant because it is slow, clunky, and unreliable. I’ve asked around for what to do. Moving all of the content from this webpage to a brand new, start-from-scratch webpage would be very complicated, time consuming, and also might not be possible. So here we are, with the slow clunky webpage that will neither live nor die.

In my low-overhead model of life and business, I’m not currently willing to pay a professional $5000 to completely cut and paste or retype everything in the mystery hiding boxes of this webpage into the logical, easy set up of a new page. I would love to have an Angel Donor who would make it possible for me to scrap this clunky WordPress page that doesn’t work and get a normal WordPress page, or pretty much any other kind of webpage out there. I just don’t want to lose all the content so far.

So, friends and family, please reach out to your venture capitalist and angel donor friends and send them my way. In the meantime, enjoy the About page that is probably going to take me the rest of Sunday to update. Will someone please fold and put away my two loads of laundry, and exercise my horse during daylight hours since I am going to be tied up for the rest of the day? Drop me a line on the contact page if you’re willing and available (just kidding).

My private patients used to text me when they wanted to reach me, but I don’t know all of you that well, so you can’t text me yet. Here’s to the future, when you will be my patient and you can text me when you need to.

Happy Sunday, everyone.

The Sundays, straight from my high school days.