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We would love your feedback. When you’ve been to Serenity Osteopathic, did you feel you received personalized care, with empathy, at a great value? Your thoughts help other people decide if they want to seek care at Serenity Osteopathic clinic. It’s true, I’ve cared for patients when I was an employee of other groups, but in those cases many things were out of my hands. Forced 15 minute appointments when we didn’t have time to address patient’s concerns, for example.  Medicine was not meant to be practiced that way.

Like nearly all physicians, I went to medical school because I wanted to help the greatest number of people in the most meaningful way possible. When I am my own boss, I can schedule patients for same day or next day visits, and we can spend as much time together  as we need.  We have time to address your needs; “Mind, body, and spirit” as per the osteopathic medical motto.

Click here  to visit “Dr. Erica Rotondo of Serenity Osteopathic” on Google.  Is there anything you would add or subtract? Let us know. Thank you!