Things I’m Learning as a Small Business Owner

I’m sitting in a WordPress class, learning more about customizing my webpage. If you are a small business owner, I’m here to keep you healthy as your business grows. That’s how I support small business in my community! Most people in Dane County have insurance through their employer, and they are welcome to become a patient. My niche is everyone with a high deductible insurance plan who would forgo health and wellness expenditures. They will get a better value with personalized care, no wait, same physician every time, same day visits, wholesale meds, than folks with a “name brand” HMO/assembly line clinic. Their “name brand” insurance has demoralized physicians forced into 15 minute, high volume medicine. The “name brand” insurance/assembly line clinic makes patients wait 2 months to see their physician for 15 minutes.

**Physicians are demoralized by “name brand” insurance assembly line clinics and physicians have one of the highest suicide rate of any profession. 400+ kill themselves every year because the way they must practice is NOT what they went to Med school for, and sacrificed all those years of their lives.

** When you support healthy, happy physicians, you support the winning team.

**Do you do things like avoid certain foods because it contributes to death and destruction of other animals? (I.e. buying tuna that is dolphin-safe)  Maybe switch away from assembly line medicine to save the physicians.