Personalized, Unhurried, that’s Direct Primary Care (DPC)

We do things differently in our office. No copays, no coinsurance. Same day or next day visits, because you’re tired of waiting 2 months to see your doctor. Your visits can last 60 minutes every time and you won’t be rushed (unlike the 10 minute visits you are used to getting at your current Big Box/ Insurance-Run medical clinic). 24/7 access to your physician, and you will see the same person every time! Imagine seeing the same doctor every time, for the next 30 years until I retire! “The same doctor every time for 30 years? What is this? My old country doctor from 1961?” Yes, but add modern medicine, plus osteopathic medicine, plus traditional medicine, and free consultations to board certified specialists, and you get Direct Primary Care with Dr. Erica Rotondo of Serenity Osteopathic.