Paying It Forward & It’s Better to Give Than Recieve

My simple tree with gifts. Maybe this suggestion will resonate with others during this giving season. Since I don’t have children, siblings, or nieces/nephews, I don’t have those people to buy gifts for. It’s been my habit for many years to collect tags off of Christmas trees that list individuals that need a gift this season.

This year I was visiting the nursing home in our small town and they had a tree with many tags for the senior citizens that needed gifts. (They were all requests for clothing.) In my imagination, these folks might not have friends or family that can buy them clothing. So I scooped up tags (I picked all the 2X and 3X requests because I figured it would be easier and less expensive for other people to buy S-M-L-XL clothing for the other residents and I’ll take the more challenging requests.)(I do love a challenge, lol.)

Once the clothing arrived after buying it online, I’m not exactly sure people will love what I chose (for example, people didn’t request certain colors so I just picked things that looked nice and got good reviews.) Maybe if they don’t like the colors in their package they could make an exchange with another resident, who knows.

One day in the future if I’m lucky I will recognize the clothing on someone I see at the nursing home. That will be the warm fuzzy of Christmas. One day I may be the elder in the home without family, and I hope a young doctor will walk past the tree with my tag on it and pick something out for me. 🙂