When the majority of my day is spent with patients I’ve already seen

Repeat “Customers”

Today the majority of the office visits were with patients I had seen before. It’s a long day when every single patient is new to you and you have to summarize their whole health history plus get to whatever brings them in today.

For the first time most of my patients were here for the second time. And we were happy to see each other and move to their concern today. It saves so much time and gives us a couple extra minutes to “shoot the sh*t”, as they say.

This is what established doctors experience every day, but it’s a treat for us “locums” (ie temporary) doctors. Also when we discuss follow up it then comes up that I will be at a different clinic as of January 2, 2018. And while I would never”poach” patients from this office to take to my new office, I tell the truth when they ask me where I’m going.

It gives us a chance to talk about what we like about Bishop and why they stayed all those years ago and why it is a good fit for me to stay here, too. Once I mention my love of horse country, folks say, “Oh, yes. Then you’ll definitely stay.” I really like the folks I’ve met so far!

Don’t forget (see the picture), I love you with all of my internal organs. 🙂