Getting up to go to the gym

What’s your secret?

What inspires you to go to the gym or do your favorite workout activity?

For me, one very appealing feature is sometimes I am the only person, or joined by 1 or 2 other people, in the “weight room” section of our gym.

After work I’m accompanied by probably 15 other people. And bless their hearts, they do quite a bit of yelling and smashing weights around. I’m admire everyone who goes to the gym and gets their body moving. Anyone who values their body and health has my admiration.

I just REALLY want to get ther in the mornings.

Heres a convenient little do-dad. It is cordless Bluetooth earphones. I can set my phone down anywhere and not have the cord strangling me or popping the earbuds out of my ears. You just charge it every three days ago with a little power cord that attaches to the little box part. I decided to buy them when Amazon had a “lightening deal” and they were 9.99 instead of something like 28.99. Before this I had no place to keep my phone (I use it as a stop watch to get 2 minutes in between a weightlifting set, and to play my music) so I was slipping it into the front/strap area of my sports bra  That gets old, lol  

Have a marvelous day!