Dr Rotondo’s Patients Get Free eConsults to Specialists

Have you heard of RubiconMD? It’s a service for primary care physicians to have eConsults with any type of specialist and get a reply within 12 hours. There are many, many types of medical concerns that Family Medicine doctors can evaluate, treat, and work on preventing the problem, without any difficulty. On occasion, we may decide we need to speak with a specialist about a patient’s condition. (My rule of thumb: if a patient has seen a primary care physician at least twice for the same problem and we still haven’t come up with a diagnosis and treatment plan, it’s time to see a specialist). Using RubiconMD, we primary doctors will present the patient’s case so far, outline what we’ve planned to do about it, and ask the specialist for their opinion and suggestions about the case. Then my patient and I implement the specialist’s advice, and my patient didn’t have to take time to go see a specialist (get a referral, get a day off of work, get transportation to the specialist, pay a co-pay or co-insurance to see the specialist). This is a service for which I pay a membership, but I include the service to my patients for FREE. Click here to visit RubiconMD’s website and learn why this service is worth its weight in gold to my patients.