I didn’t expect to cry over a death tonight

I just learned on Facebook that Miles Allard passed away

Miles and LaDonna Allard were the bedrock of the Standing Rock #NoDAPL resistance movement I joined in October 2016.

It was on their land that Sacred Stone camp was created…the oldest but not the largest of the camps at Standing Rock. I met Miles almost as soon as I arrived. When I showed up at Sacred Stone’s gate and introduced myself as a primary care physician volunteering with the medical crew they said, “Great. You’re now the camp medic, let’s get you the walkie talkie and the Epi pens” and my time at Standing Rock began. Miles was warm, sincere, and kind to strangers. He gave me a few insider tips about camp (I volunteered ID and licenses to show I was legit and not an infiltrator. Plus I had been in contact with the medic group even before I arrived.)

Tonight someone posted that Miles died. I don’t know how old Miles was, but he was a young (but mature) man at heart, no matter what his age was. I feel emptiness to know that Miles is gone. I started crying when I watched John Legend’s music video that featured Miles and LaDonna on their land where the Missouri and Cannonball Rivers meet.

Those two were walking, talking soulmates.

Goodbye, Miles. I’m an atheist but you were not, so I’ll say, “Prayers up” to carry you well on your journey. I’m so very sad you are gone, and my heart breaks for your family and friends who had the joy and peace of your love and friendship.

I still remember standing in the Fort Yates post office, I was mailing credentialling forms back to Madison for a moonlighting job I decided to take because my private clinic was open but I had no patients and therefore no money coming in whatsoever. You poked your head in to pick up mail and supplies being sent from all over the world. We had started using Fort Yates 20 miles south of camp for things since the sheriff and DAPL had blocked the road north to Bismarck. I commented to the ladies behind the counter at the post office, “There goes a suddenly very famous man in these parts, recognized by everyone!” This was because he and LaDonna opened up their land for THOUSANDS of travelers such as myself. No one will ever know how many people came to camps. Camp averaged 2000 to 7000 people at any given time, based on our estimates as the Standing Rock Medic and Healer Council.

And the seed was planted, and the doors were opened, by Miles and LaDonna Allard.

Prayers Up.♥