Enjoy all the benefits of an old-fashioned country doctor with a modern twist!

Doctor Rotondo is not accepting any new membership patients because she and her family are relocating to California in October.

Dr. Rotondo will see new patients at her hourly rate of $300/hr. Patients will still be evaluated and treated by a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician, but they will be billed for each office visit rather than paying a monthly catch-all fee.


Payment is due in full at time of service. We do not send out bills after the fact. We accept cash, check, money order, credit card, and paypal.

Dr. Rotondo may provide your prescription medication at wholesale prices, which can potentially save you hundreds of dollars per month. For new patients, no refills will be given outside of office hours.

For new patients the $50 Enrollment Fee is waived; it applied only to the membership/Direct Primary Care service. New patients continue to have lengthy appointments where they don’t feel rushed through in typical 15 minute appointment slots. New appointments usually take 60 minutes or more, and follow up appointments usually run 30 minutes or more. All patients will receive the amount of time that is appropriate to the level of care they need.

Please note, Serenity Osteopathic does not file insurance or have any affiliation with any insurance company.

On request Dr. Rotondo can provided a bill that can be submitted to patient’s insurance company; it is up to the discretion of the third party insurance company whether they consider Dr. Rotondo an out-of-network physician and whether or not they will reimburse the patient for any part of the fee paid to Dr. Rotondo.

An appointment with Dr. Rotondo can provide timely access to the preventive care you need to keep you out of the ER or hospital with an overall cost savings to you.