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What do you think of this video advertisement? Not many people in Wisconsin offer Informed Consent Hormone Replacement Therapy, so let’s get the word out there, People!

FYI: Informed Consent is the process where the physician believes that each individual is capable of determining their own gender identity, and it is not the physician’s business to tell the patient what their identity should be. That’s kind of patronizing, don’t you think? So people don’t need to “prove” their gender identity to me with lots of letters from therapists (aka “gatekeeping”), or telling me a story that they think I want to hear in order to prescribe HRT (the “Trans narrative”). We discuss the benefits and risks of hormone replacement therapy, and as long as their body is healthy enough for HRT, and I won’t be doing harm to their bodies by prescribing it, patients are prescribed HRT and are monitored with physical exams and blood work according to well-established guidelines. It’s very straightforward, Friends! Even family medicine doctors are trained in HRT…think about women of child-bearing age who use hormonal birth control pills, the number of post-menopausal women who experience very unpleasant side effects and use HRT to help, we don’t consider that too complicated for a family medicine physician, right?

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